Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lions, Elephants and Bungee OH MY!

**Note: Lots of pictures in this one hehehe

Woke up early to the sound of thunder... Hehehe so awesome! But the rain didn't last long enough to dampen out day.

Although the boys are super jet lagged and didn't sleep very well... both up around 3 am and wide awake

We set out with 'Wildlife Safari's" to a Lion reserve called ALERT "African Lion & Environmental Research Trust"
THOUSANDS of acres for this facility to be able to give the Lions lots of room to reproduce and grow.

This reserve takes cubs at a young age and protects them as they grow up due to the decreasing population in some areas in Africa. (only 20,000 lions left in all of Africa)

There are 4 stages to their growth and development, that by stage 4 they are back in the wild wild and breeding cubs in the wild, no human contact by that time. 

As a small group, we set out to meet these cubs. 
Both female lion cubs about 6 month old and so awesome and full of piss & vinegar

Massive paws, their baby teeth were still intimidating, and they were full of energy.
Some of the people in our group were volunteers there to study the cubs behavior and make sure that they are doing similar things that cubs in the wild would do.

So, yes. We were able to walk beside the cubs, pet them from behind
Lol when Jason and I were doing it together, hehehe one of the cubs barked at us!
That would make ANYONE jump. Lol

But as we walked along with the cubs, they played like any two dogs or cats I have seen play lol. Just bigger claws and teeth hehehe. Was so fun to see a big car duo so close.

The next set of lions was a male named Savuti and female named Sengwa.

We also got to walk with them and per their behinds (lol) Ya, it felt super gay trying to get in and touch them, but they were very used to humans.

After an hour of walking around with the Lions (OMG SO AWESOME), we got served a stellar breakfast and tea.
Lol they threw our video together while we are and there were some awesome footage of us with the cubs, so we just had to buy the DVD. 

The next walk we got to go on was with two female elephants. 
And just the three of us (felt pretty awesome to not have a huge tourist group) 
We had a guide that carried a .458 rifle for any potential predators or other angry elephants that might be in the area. . .

The elephant Lhundi was 28, and Thampi was 22. Very fun elephants that always threw their trunks back for a treat. 

I even got to put a handful into her trunk and she quickly shoved it into her mouth lol
We rode (with a driver) with the old gals for about an hour through the forest and a couple water holes. 
Once back at a small camp, we got to really feed the girls some treats and they also showed us some tricks they could do. 
Very neat! 

The secluded camp we stopped at for a drink and snacks

Instead of feeding her via her trunk, I got to place it right in her mouth
Their tounges are SO SOFT! lol
Saw this guy while on our elephant walk, and he was the quickest Chameleon I have ever seen!

Once back at the hotel, we quickly booked the bungee! moooohahaha!

The bungee jump is over the bridge and into Zambia. . . so yet another country on my belt! But since we were just going for the jump, we didn't have to pay for border fee's or need our passport. . . So travelling over the bridge to Zambia, Gavin and I were ready to jump 111m off the Zambezi River bridge!!

Gavin wanted to jump first, so he would have no excuse to not going and he loved it!! The fall is a LOT farther than any of the other ones he has done...

Once he got winched up, I was all ready to go and then the power went out. . . a stupid storm comes in and knocks out the power. And to get back up, they need power for the winch... BUMMER!
So we walked back to the hotel in the torrential downpour hehe, it was kinda nice tho not as cold as home.
Got changed and had some beer with a German couple at the bar.
We had booked a sunset cruise but since it was so crappy out, we bailed and just chilled out instead. 

Tomorrow I WILL get to do the bungee and then we are off to the bush for a week! BOoYA!
Random monkeys everywhere
BABY MONKEY!!! lol so cute

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