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We just hung out for the morning with the kids as I tried to write about yesterday. Lol, it was a LONG DAY!

Levi playing with the kids that lived right next door to our Guest House
Rita and Glen came over to give us a tour through Kikongo. 
Went to the small market, into their teaching hospital, down the blvd of student housing, even got to stop a garden and see some peanuts! (I have never seen a peanut garden before)

Saw some other local fruit
Jack fruit
Star fruit
Corn (maze)
LOTS of mangos every where. So many fallen to the ground and rotten
I was originally trying to take a picture of the market food,
but these girls squeezed into the frame ehehe!
A kid rolling his toy made of a tire rim
The student housing
Shared kitchen
This lady was so excited to show me her place (one of the student housing)
Rita called her "smiley eyes"
Peanuts grow in the ground! Along with these "ground nuts" corn (maze) is another staple product of this community
The Farmer showing me his peanuts!  
This fruit is bigger than Jasons head! Now that is saying something LOL :P
The locals made this archway of flowers for our arrival <3
(same archway as the first two pictures at the top of the blog)
After the tour, we were SO SWEATY and needed to cool off, so be grabbed our suits and went into the water for a stellar swim.
The water might be very brown but the bottom is so soft and sandy, no weeds or rocks. . .
and very refreshing
Playing in the Wamba River
The French Freys hanging out in the Wamba River
 After the cool dip in river, we were still pretty tired. So we all tried to have a quick nap before Glen took us on his boat and up the river. . .

Nap time! Doens't this just melt your heart!
Chillin with papa
My local buddies lol 
Arent we sexy infront of the Cessna 206 :P
Yes, I am wearing a skirt. . . Weird.
On our way down to the boat, we had a group of kids following us, and they just LOVE getting their pictures taken lol and they kept wanting to do Ninja poses, lol so I made them do this instead :P 
Glen got out his river boat for us and took us on a very awesome tour upstream and telling us some old stories of when he was a kid. . .  it took him 2 weeks of living in the boat to travel upstream to Kinshasa!

Amelia chillin in the boat
Local fisherman
Nick thought we might not get a refreshing dip in the river, so he soaked his hat instead :P
But yeaa! We jumped in a bit upriver then floated back down our spot

After our boat ride, Glen dropped us off at our spot to walk up to the guest house. . .
But after some careful listening he said "I think I may have irritated the bees. The shouldn't be out at this time... So maybe we should go down to the boat launch instead"
Hahaha, yea, these are KILLER bees. . . Don't mess with them

The weather around 5pm was perfect for Lisa and Matthew to go up on the ultralight powered parachute! Booya! Hehehe and once the machine is out, the kids come out to watch us in the air lol

No joke, these kids went NUTS when I started taking pictures and then showing the shot to them, they would cheer so loud after every time hahaha so FUN ! 

Kissing Lisa goodbye and hopes that she survives. . . LOL

While waiting around for Lisa to come back and land, the kids from the village always keep creeping closer and closer to us. So! Hehehe I got a nice pictures of the three of them with the local kids.

Dinner was at the Chapmans (Glen and Ritas) and before dinner started, Rita and Chamea (their Congolese Clawless Otter) were coming back from their walk.

Chamea was orphaned by local hunters, but she was given to Rita and Glen since they have already raised an endangered Otter before.
Chamea is 10 months old and is SO SOFT but muscular, plays like my puppy and is very very cool
Dinner was a stellar dinner of freshly baked biscuits and soup! MMMM!
And Rita showed us the Jackfruit and how you would eat one.

See the seed?
Once the whole fruit is ripe, there will be tonnes of seeds within
 The flesh to eat would be around the seeds.
So this one right now isn't ready. . . she just wanted to show us the inside :D

Once back at the Guest House, Glen came back with us to play with the telescope!
Got the telescope put together and he brought out his star chart. . . So for the next our we were able to find some of the constellations. 
So neat. !!
I could get addicted to that hehehe 
While star gazing, there was a commotion inside!
They found a small scorpion in the sink. Thankyou RAID for saving the day lol
 We then sat down with some tea and played a game of Setters of Catan. 
In bed by 10pm! Pfewf! What a day!

And to end todays blog, here is an awesome picture (thank you Nick) of Jo and Ruth in her reflection <3 <3

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