Sunday, 4 November 2012

12828 kilometers later..

After almost 32 hours of travel time, 12828 km, and 4 movies later... I made it to Kinshasa -Democratic republic of Congo-
Overall, a pretty uneventful day and a half, my mind is mush tho...

9 hours from my house to leaving Montreal10 1/2 hours from Montreal to leaving Brussels10 and a 1/2 hours from Brussels to KinshasaAlmost an hour and a half from Customs to the French Freys!

Not EVEN half way yet!!!

My work station =D

I tell ya, I wish I could have got some pictures of the outfits some people where here.
Acid wash jeans with leather jackets, high heels, zebra long coat, and yes MC Hammer pants. ... I felt under dressed! Lol

Getting through customs in Kinshasa wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I guess they had done some major reno's last week, so the place looked not half bad.

And as I had been prepared for... the moment I walked outside, my bags were snatched up and I had to keep up with the guy to make sure I didn't lose him.
Finally convincing him to wait and that I didn't need a cab, we waited outside while I searched for a tall white guy lol.

Finding Nick, we popped in the van and scooted back to their place with no delays.
Lol woke Jo up (sorry) but they gave me the grand tour and got to meet Serenity!! She is a feisty little furball!

Now everyone is I'm bed, I just had a HEAVENLY shower -I was getting a little ripe- and I can finally say I am in Africa =D

whoop whoop, my little lego girl is just another piece of ID getting into the Congo ;)

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