Monday, 12 November 2012

Congo to South Africa

--November 11

*moment of silence*

Woke up with a stellar cough and couldn't get back to sleep cause there was a poor kid in the house next too us that was SUPER upset.

Had a quick tea then we joined up with Rita at her place and made our way to church. 

Rita and our awesome archyway :P
The Church was made by Rita's grandfather a long time ago and is still in very good shape. The first service was at 8am and didn't have a whole lot of people at the service. Maybe 40. They did make us stand up in front tho lol, to say hullo and greet the people.

Lol, everyone usually comes to the 10am service which ends up being a full house and lasts 3+ hours of lots of singing and more singing. Naw, we were ok with the short service, but it was in French. . . Oh well, that is what I get for not learning french in grade schoool. hehehe

Glen wanted to show us his bee hive and his natural spring after the service, so he took us down his "price path". So he has home made honey! And oh boy it is GOOD!

To the spring (which are quite rare in the area) we walked (with my SKIRT on) down a ridiculously steep path.
The spring is a super secluded place and super fresh water. Glen said that the rarely treat this water that comes from this spring. 

Back at their place, I hung out with Rita for a little while. 
Chamea (their Congolese Clawless Otter) was finally awake and her and I got I go out and play with her. 
Oh my! Is she ever cute! And soft. 

I didn't have my camera or phone so you will have to trust me that I really did play with an otter lol. 
She reminded so much of my puppy since she played the exact same way :P !! (I MISS YOU ZOEY!!)

Glen and Rita
At noon we all had lunch at our guest house of tuna salad sandwiches (with peanuts in the tuna salad ! You gotta try it, it was very good)
And Rita even made us ice cream!
She has been a jungle missionary for most of her life and can do a lot of things as far as food goes. 
They shipments of food come in ever 6 months or so, so when things start to dwindle, you get creative or just need to can/store things well. 

We packed up and flew out around 1400. The clouds were amazing on the way home. 
Nick sure has one awesome office lol

Saying goodbye!

And luckily we had power when we got back and I was able to slam in ALL my clothes before the power went out. Haha 
We had dinner of a special Canadian style. Macaroni and cheese with weiners!
Then watched "we bought a zoo"
Which was a pretty awesome movie. 

Edited 800 pictures and then has my last sleep at the French Freys. Had to give Nick a hug goodbye tonight since he had to work early tomorrow morning.

Clouds at 8000 are mighty gorgeous! (looked way cooler from the plane lol)
Back to the busy busy busy Kinshasa
Ya, a LOT of us were prety tired after such a busy weekend :P
--November 12

This morning I had a great visit with Jocelyn and Lisa. . . but when it came time to say good bye to Jocelyn and Ruth (and make her laugh one last time) I really didn't want to say "goodbye" lol. 
Ruth was a little upset when I left, I think it WAS because she knew I was leaving (lol). . . I am just going to tell myself that hehehe

It was such a fun time with the Freys, it was SO great to see their city, experience new things and meet their new friends. Wish I could have had another couple weeks. I was very lucky too, since Nick was able to take some time off to hang with me =D
Yes, DRC I will be back one day <3

Leaving Kinshasa! Booooo
Getting to the airport in the late morning took a LOT longer than when I arrived (which was at midnight), but stores were open, things were being bought and sold, the city was busy! AND WOW, sooooo many people!

And sadly, it was a very dirty drive. It really really makes me grateful for my country, but wishing I could help out in this one. . . 
*note-photos taken are with my phone. Police and other security personnel dont like anyone with a large professional looking camera. They think we may be journalists and journalists aren't well liked*

*sad face*

Needed a LOT of documents just to get OUT of the country
After a few hours of waiting around in a LOUD airport (so much construction) lol I had a nice farewell from the DRC. . . with one last power outage, a rainstorm and a large plane delay. . . I was FINALLY off to Johannesburg.

The clouds on the way to Johannesburg were stunning!
I got in pretty late to Johannesburg, but I was able to FINALLY meet up with Gavin and Jason. We went out for some beer and had a good time exchanging travel stories!
Gavin and Jason had an 11 hour layover in Frankfurt were they were able to go get a cab that drove ridiculously fast around the city, and then they went out and drink good German beer and meet some cool people. =D

Next stop. Victoria Falls. =D

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