Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Johannesburg --> Victoria Falls

Up early. Slightly hungover hehehe

Made our way through Johannesburg's airport which took a long ass time! lol. I needed a brush (stupid me) so we cruised the Airport shops and the ONLY spot to get one was a Kiosk *sigh*... and I ended up getting roped into getting my hair done and buying a curling iron too. Haha

Why not?

Flight was quick... and screw you Air Canada. South African airlines gave us a FULL MEAL for free on a 1h 42m flight... sheesh.
Anyway... bam! In Zimbabwe.
Got another stellar Visa put into our passports and then we were off to see Vic Falls. 
Saw oodles of Baboons in the first 20 minutes! hehehe

The hotel we booked is called Ilala lodge and it is gorgeous! Nothing bad about it. 

We cozied into our rooms, had a swim, had some beer... then we went walking through Victoria falls and we didn't last long on the streets. 
Got bombarded by TOO many people trying to sell us this and that... but I did have to 'buy' some Zimbabwe currency. 
And now we are all trillionares!
The Zimbabwe currency is no longer used (almost every other currency is accepted) so kids were out selling stuff and one of them had a 100, 000, 000, 000, 000 note.

And One hundrend Trillion is enough to buy a single beer by the time the currency got officially condemned... lol 

A local tour guide latched onto us as we went walking towards the falls...  His name was "Whiskey" and he gave us some neat info on all the animals around and some history of the falls... and at the same time, kept all the ridiculous people away trying to sell us crap! Oh it was nice not to have to say "no I dont want that, no I dont need that, NO I DONT WANT TO TRADE YOU MY SHOES FOR YOUR CARVED GIRAFFE!" Lol seriously, they would go all the way as to ask to trade their products for the clothes or your shoes! 

One of the "ugly 5" haha
Jason showing our guide what Edmonton looked like when he left. "Too Cold!" the guide said! lol
That is the bridge that Gavin and I will jump off of tomorrow! WHOOP!
On the left of the bridge is Zimbabwe, on the right is Zambia

Dinner was spectacular. We sat outside in our hotel and had a wide view of Zambia and there was so much lightening in the horizon it made dinner pretty spectacular.
Oh btw, Crocodile Curry is amazing! :P

The night brought a thunder storm and it was pretty crazy to be sleeping under a thatched roof... you can hear the thunder SO clearly! Loved it!

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  1. Air Canada does suck! All the airlines/flights we had in China served us some sort of food (and not a lousy bag of pretzels type food) even if the flight was an hour! We were super surprised when it happened!