Saturday, 18 May 2013

San Cristobal - Galapagos Islands

Up early, around 445... ugh! Both Tanya and I slept like garbage. 

Met up with our new interns Dana and Sam at breakfast, lol hope it wasn't the ones who called last night to say we were talking and laughing too loud -oops-

The flight to San Cristobal was uneventful, everyone was very tired and I only woke up for food.
But once we got off the plane and the sunshine hit, oh ya! It was wonderful, and we were introduced to our Galakiwi Guide Pablo, who will be with us and take us around the Galapagos.

Oh! And not to forget the most important part... We finally met our National Geographic Photographers.
Ivan Kashinski and Karla Gachet are here with us during our travel of the islands for the next 12 days giving us direction and tutoring on how to improve our photography skills.
How cool is that?

Dropped everything off at the Blue Marlin hotel then made out way to a local coffee shop. 
We had the history of the Galapagos Coffee Bean given to us and why it is so much different than the rest of the world.

It is pretty neat! Instead of an open field, the coffee trees grow in nestled the trees and growth. Also, instead of being in high altitude, the coffee farms are only a couple hundred feet above sea level.
The coffee harvest isn't for some months yet, but we got a stellar tour of the farm and where the workers will stay during their harvest season

Taking off to the Loberia Coast, we chilled out and took oodles of pictures of the country side as well as the beautiful beach.
Staying until sunset, we got to have a lot of fun with taking pictures at the beach.
The Sea Lions weren't much fun. They slept the entire time we were around :P


For dinner, Pablo took us to a local restaurant 'San Jose' and treated us to some amazing grilled fish topped off with a couple cerveca! mmmmm GOOD!

Ivan and Karla set up a multi-media presentation on their work in Ecuador over the years and things we might need to work on over the next couple days

To end the day, I would like to introduce Barbara Beck, she is 68 years old and lives in Salt Lake City Utah.
Her husband is with her on this trip and they have been married for 46 years!

She is a former Neurological Muscular Therapist, does not like to ski (but used to be an instructor lol) and would like her next trip to be to the Antarctica or India

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