Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kicker Rock

Thank you mister rooster.
We really appreciated your 330am wake up call - said no one ever.

In the morning, Pablo took us to the Interpretation Centre about the creation and history if the Galapagos.
Liquid magma ---> Eruption ---> Lava lava lava ---> Galapagos a few million years later :P

According to the way the Islands are heading, they will eventually slide under the coast of Ecuador in a couple million years!

Don't forget about Charles Darwin! The Galapagos is where this amazing naturalist sparked his evolutionary theory.

All the Galapagos Islands and the relative depth of the ocean floor

Off to Kicker Rock.
I was PUMPED to bust out the Scuba gear and dive.

The previous blog has our snorkel video we had done first, but please click HERE to check out a 3.5 minute video of the Ah-MAZING things we saw on the dive.

We dove in between the two rock formations, and it was as straight down up above the water as it was down below.
Just watch the video so I don't need to describe everything I saw lol.

I could have spent a couple days here just diving. The rest of our group was snorkelling up above, and got some amazing pictures of the Eagle Rays and Hammer Head Sharks.

Panoramic iphone view of Kicker Rock

Side view of Kicker Rock

Our assignment for the day was shooting different types of light... We didn't get back until sunset, but it's the best time anyway!
Tanya and I worked as a team and found some families to photograph, even asked a couple to kiss for a few minutes hahaha. It made for a fun evening asking the locals to let us take their picture.

The locals here in San Cristobal are very friendly and approachable. No complaints here, haha it is nice not to have the "walk of shame" when someone doesn't want their picture taken.

Practicing my paparazzi skills

This is very very normal

They didn't mind at all that we asked them to make out for us lol

<3 <3 Sea Lions everywhere <3 <3

We were on our own for evening dinner yet Tanya, Tom, Barb and I found a wonderful roof-top restaurant.
And I tell ya, Lobster with Octopus sauce is pretty damn good !

The photo critique at the end of the way went a bit long, but it is SO nice to have someone help you improve your skills. Everyone shoots so different, so it was nice to see what they see.

Today, I would like to introduce Kathy Brackett age 68.
She is from the Indialantic Florida and her 71 year old husband Pete is also on this trip with us.
Kathy is currently a Zumba + line dance instructor, and has NEVER had a peanut butter and jam sandwich ever.

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