Sunday, 18 June 2017

Roar like a Lion they said...

As I neared the birth of our second babe, fear sets in with all the "what ifs" and the recollection of all the physical pain from the last birth

But I am always reminded of my last line from Sawyers birth blog... "it was epic"... so I knew that the pain I felt during labour wasn't going to amount to much... as the high and happiness I felt after she was born was what make it totally worth it all.

Pushing all that anxiety aside, I enjoyed my time with Sawyer embracing all her craziness, meal prepped, and tried to chill.

Sunday June 11th is when everything started.

My mom took off at noon to Slave Lake with Sawyer and almost immediately I started cramping.
Excitedment set in, as I was SO not ready.. but ready. Makes sense right? haha

Jason and I took the pups for a long walk where the frequency of the cramps increased but didn't intensify.

Haha -- so by the time we got halfway done our walk, I told Jason that our babe was coming soon.

HOW I said it was "ya no worries, go watch the Hockey Game with Chad, but you cant drink mmmmkay. Because we might have our baby soon" with a shit eating grin on my face.
HAHA ya I am all about sappy.

Once back at home, things slowed down but I sent messages anyway to the birth "dream team" (midwife, doula, photographer) that things had started.

Only they didn't, things slowed down and even after a lovely acupuncture treatment from the bestie Nadia, the babe had decided today was not the day, and let me sleep out the night.

All the next day, Jason and I spent time together in a quiet house without our rambunctious kid. It felt weird and glorious all at once, haha as we haven't had that kind of time alone in YEARS. As for the babe, the cramping remained consistent all day, lovingly annoying but I meal prepped LIKE A BOSS.

830 pm rolls around and I slid on into the jacuzzi -- added some Egyptian Bath Salts thaaaaaaat I am pretty sure had some crazy birthing shit in there since labour went thru the roof an hour later when I got out.


930pm-- labour started, but now that I am out of the tub I half believe it will slowdown like last night... it did NOT.

10pm-- I started timing my contractions as they are now putting me on my knees, but I am still in denial haha
1130pm -- I get a hold of the birth dream team haha but having strong contractions made for an awkward phone conversation.

As for that one minute during the contraction, I felt like I was a 1-900 number calling you -- moaning and breathing heavy on the other end of the phone.

Over the next half hour, everyone arrives.

Jason sets up the birth pool, but I didn't get in right away as I found a decent gorilla position that felt lovely enough for numb hips and pain management.

Once I got into the pool (OMG bliss) I went back to the same position, I did try sitting/lying on my back like I did with Sawyer, but this way felt good.
Gorilla(ish) pose it was.

From that point, things did NOT take long.
There was movement down for every contraction, and at one (pivitol) point I felt rectal pressure... which I was to report to Tara (my midwife) since that was a sure indication that babe was arriving shortly.
"I have that 'poop' feeling" -- haha which was interpreted by a few as "I have a poutine" hahahaha I wish.

It is amazing what we feel and what our body just DOES in labour. At no point did anyone tell me to push, the intensity of the contractions just took over and it felt right.

HAHA -- I also couldn't control how LOUD I was. Nor could I refrain the F-bombs, haha I tried to ROAR them out, it just wasn't happening.
Have I mentioned at this point all of our windows are open and it is now 1am (hahaha #sorrynotsorry)

With a massive F-bomb and almost passing out, our babe was coming earthside.
Like with Sawyer, I tried to push that kid out in one shot, but nope get the head out first then wait for another push. BAH!

I heard "the head is out, and still wrapped in the membrane" -- oh THAT is COOL! Wish I could see it" I thought), then came another strong contraction and the babe was out

Tara handed the babe to me underwater (squeels!! so so so so incredibly amazing), and as we went skin to skin we found we had created another amazing little lady!

Little Miss Ari Elle Yamniuk was here!
And she was HUNGRY! Haha right out of the water and she was rooting for food.

And who wouldn't want a post-birth selfie!?!?!  (yes I am STILL in the pool)

As we enjoyed the first few minutes of Ari coming earth-side, we hear this loud KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK at the front door.

And me in my delirious + birth high condition,  thought "did someone order pizza?" -- Jason jumps up and races downstairs.
As laughter erupts from the front door, some one exclaims that the RCMP arrived investigating a "noise complaint" -- no doubt someone called in for domestic violence (as there HAS been some sketchy things going on on our street lately).

So, as Jason describes it, he opens the door and the officer said "there has been a... noise complaint"

Jason laughs and said "I bet there has! We just had a baby!"
Officers blankly stare back "you mean, you just brought the baby home?"
"No! no! we had her here!" Jason laughs again, which brought a smile to the officers -- which I am sure they are glad that it turned out to be better call to arrive to than what was reported!
That's when Tara flashed all her midwife credentials to make it official, as the officers didn't come upstairs to verify me in the birth pool LOL

In all the years that our midwives have been catching babies, they said they have NEVER had the police come.

HAHA I am honoured to put this in the history books for them *fist pump*
What is even funnier, is that when I blogged about Sawyers birth, I was a bit disappointed that no one HAD called the police, being that I was incredibly loud that time as well LOL
Wishes DO come true *wink*

Screen capture from Sawyers Birth Blog

And other than enjoying the sweet sweet snuggles of a newborn, what was left to enjoy?

Only the most EPIC of cakes of course, a BIRTH cake HAHAHAHAHAHA.

And amazing friend (Stacey Williams) crafted this ultra distrubing delicious and moist cake that I have been DYING to put in my mouth!

What was YOUR post birth meal? hehe because I KNOW you are jealous...

By 3am, Ari and I are all doing great but now it is time to rest. So as the dream team all leaves for their beds, I can't help but be so SO SO thankful for everyone who helped me welcome this little lady onto this earth.
Not just here at home, but everyone who sent me strength and encouragement in the days leading up to her birth.
I am one lucky mama to have such wonderful souls in my life.
The Yamniuk Famjam are blessed and cannot express our gratitude enough.

Here is Ari's Birth Video *squeeeee* click HERE to watch amazing video Vannessa Brown created for us with her bad ass talent!

**stands on soap box**

The women who were at Sawyer + Ari's birth are downright amazing, talented, and incredibly empowering!

If you are interested in a Midwife, check out HOPE midwives.
Tara was my midwife, and over the last 2.5 years she is more than just a healthcare professional.
She is an amazing friend, fellow yogi, and book nerd!

If you are interested in a Doula, check out Nadia Houle with Women's Balance Health. She has been my neighbour + bestie for near 9 years now, and I downright could not have learned more about pregnancy/birth/motherhood without her.
Her mind and soul is filled with amazing knowledge and strength.
Don't know what a doula is... Google it.

If you are interested in a birth photographer... DO IT! It is one amazing investment.
Birth is a beautiful thing no matter how your babe arrives -- being that I was a little busy pushing out this kid, I LOVE that I can see what the birth looked like, and I can relive these moments that went by so fast.
Vannessa Brown is just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing, check out her website and get a birth photographer. You wont regret it.

Last but not least, if you need a "birth" cake... hit up Stacey Williams (I can hook ya'll up).
OMFG, this day seriously wasn't complete without this moist cake in my mouth xoxo

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